1. SPF

qmail-spp-spf details http://qmail-spp.sourceforge.net/plugins/details/?id=37

     SPP_SPF_NO_RESULT          - Used if both SPF and MX checks can't be done.

     SPP_SPF_RESULT_PASS       |
     SPP_SPF_RESULT_FAIL       |- Refer to http://www.openspf.org/ for
     SPP_SPF_RESULT_SOFTFAIL   |  definitions.
     SPP_SPF_RESULT_NONE       |

     SPP_SPF_MX_RESULT_PASS    \  If any set, MX check of sender is done when
     SPP_SPF_MX_RESULT_FAIL    |- SPF record doesn't exist or SPF check result
     SPP_SPF_MX_RESULT_UNKNOWN /  is None, PermError, TempError or invalid.

If an SPF record is not found or doesn't process, 
a fallback SPF record of "v=spf1 mx -all" 
can be used to test if the client is listed in the MX records of the envelope domain.


http://www.openspf.org/ http://www.open-spf.org

   In addition, a "Received-SPF:" header is added to the message via the
   qmail-spp 'H' command when the SPF query is able to be done.

   It is okay to not set a particular SPP_SPF_xxx envar. 
   If that particular case is hit the module will only return the "SSPP_SPF_RESULT=" and
   "HReceived-SPF:" commands if the SPF query is done.

6. SPF認証結果

認証結果    意味
None    SPFレコードが公開されていない
Neutral SPFレコードが“?”として公開されている条件にマッチした
Pass    認証処理に成功した
Fail    SPFレコードが公開されているが、認証に失敗した
SoftFail        SPFレコードが“~”として公開されている条件にマッチした
TempError       一時的な障害で認証処理が失敗した
PermError       SPFレコードの記述に誤りがあるなどで認証処理に失敗した

2. 設定例


3. 拒否例

SPF設定の手抜き :

@40000000627c6801133430ec tcpserver: pid 30378 from
@40000000627c6801142f51fc tcpserver: ok 30378 odns.info: mail2.hnzybg.com:
@40000000627c680b2e14b314 qmail-spp-spf: SPF_request_query_mailfrom (helo='mail2.hnzybg.com', mailfrom='nhkplus-info@mail2.hnzybg.com'): failed: Could not find a valid SPF record
@40000000627c680b351c9884 qmail-spp-spf: Fallback MX check "v=spf1 mx -all" (helo='mail2.hnzybg.com', mailfrom='nhkplus-info@mail2.hnzybg.com'): fail
@40000000627c680b3523b4d4 tcpserver: end 30378 status 0
@40000000627c680b3523b8bc tcpserver: status: 0/4/0

4. sagred


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