1. Get started with Postmaster Tools

You can use Postmaster Tools to track data on large volumes of emails sent and find data about your sending domain.

You can view different dashboards to understand details like Gmail delivery errors, spam reports, feedback loop, and more.

To use Postmaster Tools, you need to have a Google Account. If you don’t have a Google Account, create one.

1.1. Add your domain to Postmaster Tools

    Sign in to Postmaster Tools.
    In the bottom right, click Add Add.
    Enter your authentication domain.
    Tip: You can add either the DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) domain or the SPF (Sender Policy Framework) domain.
    Click Next.
    Verify your domain:
        To prove that you own this domain, click Verify.
        Tip: After verification, it may take some time before your domain’s verification status updates to “Verified.” Learn more about how to verify your domain.
        To skip this step and continue without verification, click Not now. You will need to verify your domain at some point to view any data related to that domain. To go back and verify, point to the domain you want to verify. Then, click More and then Verify domain.

1.2. Manage your data access

If you own a verified domain, you can share your Postmaster Tools data with anyone who has a Google Account. 
You can also add and remove owners from your domain.

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