Domain Names Are Fading From User View

Act I: In Which DNS Fades to Translucent Grey

Act II: DNS Remains, But Quietly Hovers In The Background

Act III: There’s Still Gold In Internet Naming

There are two broad areas in which internet naming will probably evolve: entity naming and describing.

Entity Naming

Attribute and Description Based Systems

Epilogue: The Internet Twenty Years Hence (2037)

It is likely that human users will increasingly interact with computer and networks resources much as they interact with other humans - in ad hoc and informal ways. Humans are notoriously vague and ambiguous; that will not change in the future. This means that our computerized systems will have to become more human in the ways that they resolve that ambiguity into concrete results and actions.

This, in turn, means that computerized systems will have to become more aware of context and use fewer “names” and more “descriptions” when trying to satisfy human requests.

The introduction of context into network naming will mean more opportunities for damage to human privacy. The tension between convenience and privacy will increase.

As the network world becomes more contextual it will become harder to diagnose and isolate problems and failures.